Ohio State University (OSU) 403b with rebel Financial

We are the only fee-only investment firm that represent OSU Staff & Faculty as a a fiduciary, which means that we help you manage your investments and plan for your retirement while looking out for your best interests ahead of our own. THE only one!

Online access to all your accounts

You can track financial accounts from all our your 3rd party banking, credit card, insurance, and investment institutions so that you can keep track of your entire financial picture in one place.

Simplify your life, Optimize your planning:

All of our client solutions allow you to track all of your investment and banking accounts all through our rFPW online portal while leverage multiple investment providers. Our Silver rebel service level then optimizes your investment strategy while pairing you with an experienced financial advisor. Our Gold rebel service level upgrades you to a senior level advisor and entitles you to our most powerful financial planning capabilities.



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Most people need a Financial Advisor:

  • Fee-only & a Fiduciary

    Fee-only means that we only accept compensation from our clients and do not accept compensation from 3rd parties and, as a fiduciary, we always represent our clients’ best interests 1st.

  • Professional excellence

    Your financial advisor will be a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), who has at least a BA/BS, and we require that they complete at least 60 hours of continuing education per year.

  • Transparent pricing

    We are open and transparent in our pricing. We even produce a quarterly statement of all your fees so you know how much you pay and can quantify our value to you.

  • Reduced costs & commitments

    Because we don’t take commissions or work for a large financial firm we can drive down costs and remove restrictive contract terms. We always work at your discretion, no strings attached.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_font=”Trebuchet%20MS”]Green-Quotations-100x92We are prohibited from posting testimonials/reviews on our website by the SEC and the state regulatory authorities. However, we are allowed to have reviews on 3rd party sites on which we have no ability to manipulate them in our favor so that both positive and negative reviews can be equally evaluated by potential clients. Please view our reviews on Google Reviews by clicking here.[/text_block]

Plans available to our OSU staff & faculty clients:

  • Simple rebel – $75/mo*

    Our Simple rebel service is to allow people that have little to no start on investing to be able to! We want to provide an affordable financial planning service to provide basic investment services for anyone ready to start. Have access to our robust planning tools, online storage, plan reviews, and receive support from our advisors: Read about the full details of this plan.

  • eRebel – $150/mo*

    eRebel is our virtual financial advisor program. By combining the efficiency of new technologies, virtual meetings, and our talented financial advisors, we are able to streamline our procedures and costs to create a powerful but super affordable advisory program: Read about the full details of this plan.

  • Silver rebel – $208/mo*

    Our Silver rebel platform is our traditional advisory platform that offers in-person and/or virtual advice, with a more experienced financial advisor, with more custodial choices, and the ability for us to help manage the assets that are not held directly with our firm. Read about the full details of this plan.

  • Gold rebel – $292/mo*

    Our Gold rebel service model is our highest level of service and probably the best value option because it includes so many services. It includes everything that is offered in all of our lower service levels plus full financial planning/modeling and tax and estate document preparation for qualifying households. Read about the full details of this plan.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]*Plus, our fee schedule University accounts other IRA and investment accounts on assets under management (AUM). The monthly fee is waived once you have more than $250,000 AUM.[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_font=”Trebuchet%20MS”]Green-Quotations-100x92 Again, we are prohibited from posting testimonials/reviews on our website by the Regulatory authorities. However, we believe that our clients’ experiences and insights are important part of evaluating whether you would like to hire us as your investment/planning advisor. We invite you to inspect our reviews on Angie’s List by clicking here.[/text_block]

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